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First Class - DarkeNet - Darke County's Online Education Community

DarkeNet is the communication network initially deployed as the primary communication tool for the Darke County ESC and its partner districts.  It opperates on the First Class software platform.  As times have changed, many schools have moved to platforms such as Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 as their primary communication and teaching platform.  The ESC is also moving off of the First Class system.  We will continue to maintain the First Class (DarkeNet) system through the 2016 - 2017 school year.  Districts should begin planning for this transition as soon as possible.  Districts needing assistance with this transition can contact the ESC for support.

Training Videos:

Redirecting eamils from First Class to Google (recommended for the transition)

Forwarding emails from First Class to Google

Exporting contacts from First Class to Google