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Special Education Staff



Child Find


Procedures and Compliance


SE CIMS-122 Form


A Guide to ParentsRights in Special Education

Operating Standards and Guidance

Extended Standards



Special Education Supervision

Lisa Giuffre - Director of Pupil Services and Elementary Special Education Supervisor

Bill Nellis - Multiple Disabilities Consortium Units Supervisor

Jodi Rinehart - Secondary Special Education Supervisor and Work/Study Coordinator

Pat Wendel - Severe Emotional Disabilities/Cross Categorical Behavior Consortium Units Supervisor

Roxann Bickel - Early Childhood Supervisor at Anthony Wayne Preschool

Mental Health Therapists

Amanda Deeter

Chelsea Myers

School Psychologists

Rebecca Lowery - Ansonia

Sarah Rhodes - Versailles

Evette Sharp-Paul - Arcanum Butler and Franklin Monroe

Derrck Skinner - Bradford and Tri-Village

Speech Language Therapists

Ty Clark - Arcanum Preschool

Heather Costa - Bradford serving the Multiple Disabilities Unit

Susan DeRegnacourt - Anthony Wayne Preschool

Paula Farmer - Anthony Wayne

Karla Grieshop - Versailles

Jessie Hoffman - Franklin Monroe and Tri-Village

Krista Hoggat - Bradford

Chelsea Howard - Versailles

Jeanne Marchal - Ansonia

Stacy Niekamp - Ansonia and Ansonia and Mississinawa Valley Preschool

Angie Wills - Mississinawa Valley

Sue Wolf - Arcanum Butler